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Building a future together

Most people with dependents already know they need life insurance. But millions still don’t have it. That gap is what we’ve worked tirelessly to bridge. We get lives are busy and schedules are unpredictable. That’s why we’re throwing boring phone calls, blood tests and who knows what…out the window. We’re humanizing the approach to term life insurance for the greater good – informed by you.

Our unconventional approach helps get you affordable term life insurance in minutes not weeks. To get there, we had to reimagine traditional industry assumptions, letting technology and big data lead the way. We designed a brand new underwriting framework and built a first-of-its-kind experience to bring life insurance within reach for more people than ever before.

Life Plus Giving Equals Bestow Life Plus Giving Equals Bestow

Founded with people in mind

We are both entrepreneurs, husbands, and fathers, who set out to solve a meaningful problem. In late 2015 while on a river rafting trip in Colorado, we started discussing the challenges around life insurance, why it can literally be a painful experience, and the social challenges of millions being under-served, including women. Over the following months, after our kids went to sleep, we’d get together to develop our hypothesis that millions of households are seeking a new solution to help them prepare for a better financial future. Bestow is that solution.

We started Bestow to help families better prepare for their financial future. Life insurance is a great start. The loss of a loved one is exponentially compounded when it’s accompanied by financial loss and mounting pressures to pay for a funeral, debts, housing, food, education, etc.

The challenge is until now, no one had reshaped life insurance to fit consumer preferences. Bestow is one of the most affordable and smart solutions in the market. And we’re just getting started. We’ll develop new products and solutions to advance our goal to help millions become empowered to make great financial decisions.

Jonathan Abelmann
Melbourne O'Banion

A team on a mission

The whole should be greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why the Bestow team is comprised of the best talent around building a company reshaping the future of life insurance and changing lives.

Jackie Morales
Chief Insurance Officer
"It is exciting to be part of such a dynamic team. I am working in the industry I love with talented people focused on changing the future doesn’t get much better than that!‬”
Asim Ranginwala
Senior Engineer
“At Bestow there’s a palpable energy. Combine that with great and innovative engineering team always looking for the best solution, you know you’re on a winning squad.”
Shannon Ray
Senior Product Designer
“I love Bestow’s immense vision. When presented with a problem, I’m not asked to piece together the quick fix, I get to look for the right solution and then one step further.”
Ben Hsieh
Director of Product Development
“When I’m not solving what snack to eat or chasing mini hoop world championships, I’m working with a fun team to rethink and rebuild the life insurance experience.”

Our partners and investors

Our products are provided by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®.

Built in Texas with ideas just as big

We call the Lone Star state home but only wear cowboy boots to the office occasionally ;). Right in the middle of America, we are well situated to empower families from San Francisco to DC.

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