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Outsmart or Outspend: Lessons From The World of Life Insurance Marketing

Life insurance is a 300-year-old industry and its advertising can be just as antiquated. What used to work, simply doesn’t anymore. Innovation is Inevitable There would be riots in the streets if we reverted to dial-up internet or rotary phones. But we’re cool with weeks-long life insurance applications, clunky paperwork, and sometimes pushy agents?  Probably

Freelance or Full-Time Job: Which Option is Better for Your Financial Life?

Freelance work has been on the rise. About 57 million Americans freelanced in 2019, and that number is 4 million higher than just five years ago. The appeal? Work from home in your pajamas and log on whenever you feel like it. However, anyone who has ever freelanced before knows that isn’t the whole truth.

These Historical Figures Really Should Have Had Life Insurance

Which historical figures should have purchased a life insurance policy? TL;DR: All of them, as evidenced by the fact we’re calling them historical figures and not current figures. But that’s not why you’re here. So here are some of our favorites who really, really, really should have considered perusing the offerings from Ye Olde Bestow.

Daring Greatly

Two years ago, my co-founder Jonathan and I headed into the Colorado mountains looking for adventure, but what we walked out with was a business idea. Maybe it was the death-defying rafting trip or that rustling in the woods, but our conversation turned to family and how important it was to protect them. We both

10 Times You May Have Accidentally Wasted Five Minutes

The road to productivity is paved with good intentions and a few too many off-ramps. We’re proud our 5-minute application process, because we know your time is valuable.    Started changing your sheets, but then just laid down and accidentally took a nap on your mattress. 2. Looked up “do you boil the water before

Why Do 70% of Millennials Buy Life Insurance?

Millennials get blamed for a lot of things, like the bankruptcy of their parents’ favorite chain restaurant and their go-to department store. But 20-somethings and 30-somethings aren’t destroying industries, they’re improving them. When it comes to shopping, consumers have forced companies to change, or else risk the same fate as Blockbuster. Even life insurance, a

What States Are Most Concerned About End-of-Life Issues?

How concerned are you about end-of-life issues? If you’re like most Americans, then you probably haven’t given the subject much thought. According to a recent study, only 37% of Americans have completed some form of an advance directive, and only 29% of those respondents have living wills. People don’t like to think of their mortality,

Bina West Miller: A Pioneer for Women’s Life Insurance

The first life insurance company in the U.S. was founded in 1706. So why did it take nearly another 200 years before women could buy their own life insurance policies? Life insurance has been around for a long time — except when the conversation is about women as life insurance policyholders. In fact, life insurance

Survey: Why Most Americans Don’t Have Individual Life Insurance Coverage

Millions of Americans are financially vulnerable and without life insurance… but why? Bestow ran a national survey recently and uncovered what’s keeping individuals from buying life insurance. What’s interesting is people are well intentioned. They really want to protect their families, but they just assume it’s too time consuming and expensive. They also said they