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Life insurance that's simple and fast.

Affordable prices. Instant decision.
Skip the medical exam.

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Say goodbye to all the nonsense.

No blood tests

No pushy sales calls

No waiting around

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Hey, meet the Hansen family.

Natalie is a mom to two young boys with very little free time. So, choosing Bestow for term life insurance was a no brainer, having only minutes (not weeks) to spare. “Working with Bestow to create security for my family has been the easiest life decision I have made. It was quick, easy, and I did it all from the comfort of my couch. Thanks for helping me take care of those that matter most in life!”

Let’s Get Started

Using big data to save you time and money

and technology to make things more convenient for you.

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Step 1.

Take our 3 minute assessment.

  • Tell us a little about yourself.

    This way we can curate a perfect policy that is designed for you and your family.

  • Fill out our simple questionnaire.

    Basic questions about your lifestyle and health so we can get the best rate for you.

Step 2.


Stephanie, Texas
Healthy, 30, mother of 3


Monthly Premium of $14.00

$50k $200k coverage $1m

Instantly view prices and choose your plan.

We’ve made getting life insurance smarter. Our algorithmic underwriting saves you time by skipping the medical exam, delivering an instant decision and at an affordable rate.

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Step 3.

Embark on life's journey with confidence.

  • Adjust or cancel your policy at any time.

    At Bestow, we help you grow as your family grows.

  • Help others live with confidence.

    Share with friends and family so they can Bestow, too.

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